6 string bass

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I know this is old but I wanted to add my thoughts. I don’t think it really matters how many strings as long as you do the right “job” (what ever that may be). I say play music. I was reading the comments below and at a point I thought that this argument was no different than saying “Fender vs. Sadowsky”. It really doesn’t matter. If you bring a 6 string bass to a pop gig, I would say don’t be playing a bunch of chords all over the place. Make music and do what it calls for.6 string bass available at Musicians Friend

Years later, I started hearing about the Fender Bass VI and how Robert Smith used them on many recordings. The Fender Bass VI is a very interesting and unique instrument. At first glance.. one would think – “So, it’s a 6 string bass”. Nope. “Oh, it’s a baritone”. Nope. It’s an instrument that lies somewhere in between. Basically, the Bass VI is a guitar, one full octave lower than a standard guitar. So it’s tuned to Standard E (unlike baritones that are tuned to A or B generally), not like a typical 6 string bass with the super low strings.

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