Acai Berry

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Acai Berry is a natural weight loss supplement, which comes in a presentation of pills. Each pill contains a powder formula which main ingredient is acai berry, a little fruit which comes from a palm tree native from the north region of South America. This is an edible fruit and is used as an ingredient of drinks, ice creams and candies. Basically, all the benefits provided by Acai Berry come from this little fruit.

Acai berry has been the subject of many investigations. One of these studies was conducted on the University of Florida, according to the results revealed by this study; acai berry triggered the destruction of about eighty six percent of carcinogenic cells of leukemia, and therefore this study provides a new light about additional benefits associated to the acai berries. Another study conducted by Agrilife Research has also proven that the intake of acai berries significantly increases the antioxidant activity on blood cells.

Acai berry grows on the acai palm tree; it is an ancient fruit that is found in Central America and South America. It can also be found in countries like Brazil and Belize. It has one seed and has a characteristic purple black color. The fruit requires a wet environment such as swamps to thrive. For thousands of years, the Amazon rainforest has been growing acai berries.

Acai berry is actually a very powerful fruit that is good for you, but don’t consume it thinking it will help you lose weight faster. Consume acai berry to help you fight off the free radicals that are damaging your body that may lead to serious diseases.

Acai berry is a powerful antioxidant fruit. What this means is it provides antioxidants that fight off and kill ‘free radical’ molecules in our body. These free radicals scientists are starting to show may lead to many diseases and illnesses we get such as cancer. So we want to kill as many of these as we can and not let them build up in our body.

Acai Berry is a natural and safe fruit from the Amazon rain-forests. In case of juice, pulp or any dietary supplement do take notice of the proposed serving and also try to not eat more than is proposed. Over-consumption of any kind of food is not advisable. If you are allergic to fruits like blueberries or cranberries, then Acai Berry may be not suitable for you. Acai is also not advisable for people who have pollen allergies. There have been some reported cases of loss of appetite but have not been confirmed so far by any studies. Pregnant or Breast feeding women can have natural fruit or juice in moderation but any sort of acai dietary supplement is not advisable without first consulting with the doctor.

Acai Berry can be enjoyed in natural, salty or sweet form. It is extensively used in beverages such as smoothies, juices, energy drinks, flavored liqueurs and in food products like yogurts, jelly and ice creams.

Acai Berry Juice – In general, most commercial acai juices also contain added sweeteners, caffeine and flavorings you don’t really want to consume. We have not yet found a high quality acai juice that holds up to our standards and thus exclusively use the frozen pulp or freeze-dried powders.

Acai berry, because it spoils soon after harvest, is typically freeze-dried or frozen as a berry pulp for export. It is commonly used this way even in Brazil because the fresh fruit doesn’t have much of a shelf life.

Acai berry is a good source of the powerful antioxidants known as anthocyanins, which are also found in red wine. This is an alcohol-free way to enjoy the heart health benefits of these antioxidants, which protect the cells and help to lower cholesterol levels.

Acai Berry is better known than Garcinia Cambogia. Acai Berry is a fruit that grows in South America in the rain forests of the Amazon. This fruit is extremely high in antioxidants, making it a healthy supplement for many reasons. Its usefulness for weight loss is only one of its virtues.

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